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Mirror Mirror     (18)
Short Film - Joe’s glory days as Jana, the glamorous drag queen, are well behind him. Sitting before his familiar vanity mirror, Joe faces the difficult decision of saying goodbye to his alter ego – but feisty Jana won’t fade away without a fight.<br/>Official Selection, Frameline Internationa...
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Monsters     (18)
What happens when a young boy's violent fantasies take on a life of their own? Nine-year old Stan, an introverted boy suffering from a skin disease on his hands, is repeatedly teased by his older sister. When he finds out that they live near the Broadmoor asylum, his vivid imagination takes on a lif...
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Mosa     (18)
Mosa explores a young woman s internal struggle after being the victim of a hate crime rape in South Africa. Now in London, Mosa takes advantage of new opportunities to start a new life, but after feeling objectified once again, she breaks through and finally decides to live on her own terms....
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My Last Ten Hours With You     (18)
At 6am Jeremy and Mark will go their separate ways. Their last ten hours together over one hot night will be punctuated with friends, fights and frustrations as they wait it out, each dealing with the loss of love in their own way....
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My Name Is Love     (18)
Love and Sebastian meet each other by a coincidence on a hot Swedish summer night. They happen to share the same secret, but their encounter is going to cause severe consequences for both of them - Special Mention, Iris Prize...
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One Man's Trash     (12)
A diverse group of yard sale fanatics are interviewed. Dee Dee is having another sale to save up money for fashion school. Her roommate Kelly is unimpressed but plays along, for now. Erik is an eBay entrepreneur looking for a good find to turn around and sell, dragging his girlfriend Kayla along on...
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Organism     (18)
The story of the on / off relationship of high school lovers Carmen and Jen. Sometimes surreal but always sexy, this short film places the spotlight on relationship blues in a palette of dayglo pink and blood red.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;...
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Overnight Book     (15)
A passionate teenage misfit, Mary, and washed up gay adult writer, Bobby, meet in a dingy diner to help Bobby write his overnight book. While doing so, Mary goes on a twilight journey of self-discovery and empowerment.<br/>...
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Packed Lunch     (18)
Short Film - Many swimwear designers, Speedo fanatics and its creator Peter Travis discuss why it is that gay men can’t seem to get enough of these tight fitting trunks. Part of Boys On Film 1 Hard Love, Collection....
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Private Life     (18)
SHORT FILM - Starring Lucy Liemann, Jana Carpenter. <br/>Ruth Ackroyd leaves the monotony of her work at her father's textile mill on a Friday evening and secretly takes the train to Manchester. There, she meets a man on the platform, but all is not what it seems...<br/>Best UK Short Fil...
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