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Rated: 18

Run time: 116 minutes
Release Year: 1939
Categories: Cult, Thriller, Horror
Director: Scott Martin
Starring: Jeanie Cheek , Lacey Berry , Lee Christian , Nate Cyrier , Ron Burgher , Tamara Taylor Baber
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A profoundly disquieting take on a serial killer theme style evocative of 'Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer'. Michael and his two friends get young women to make pornographic films for them and then kill them on camera. The trio become intoxicated by the sense of power of deciding who lives and who dies and start to view their 'work' as having artistic validity. Wanting recognition for their work, they make contact with an ambitious TV reporter and give him the tapes. As the death scenes play Michael's interview overlays the harrowing imagery, drawing you deep into the mind of a serial killer. Hurt's Director Scott Martin has worked on 'High Fidelity' (John Cusack) and 'The Watcher' (James Spader/Keanu Reeves). He runs HURT's production company Sorry Dog with Aiman Humeideh, an established director who has worked on Emmy award winning ER, Academy Award Winners 'The Untouchables' and 'The Fugitive'.

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