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Parallel Sons     (15)
Seth lives a dull-as-dishwater life as a diner employee in a small community in upstate New York. One day a black convict called Knowledge Johnson tries to rob the diner. Wounded during his escape, Seth hides and nurses him back to health. The duo, fascinated by one another's contrasting backgrounds...
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Persona Non Grata     (15)
The expression persona non grata takes on multiple meanings in this tense psychological drama unfolding in the high stakes and morally dangerous world of international diplomacy. The complicated relationship between Poland and Russia plays out in multiple subplots. <br/>...
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Pornography: A Thriller     (18)
Pornography: A Thriller is a Cronenberg-meets-David-Lynch psychological thriller set in the world of adult films. A famous gay model disappears at the height of his fame. Rumours about murder and blackmail abound for years until a young journalist decides to investigate the strange events. His inves...
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Puffball     (18)
Supernatural Drama/thriller which is an adaptation of the Fay Weldon novel. A chilling tale of love, lust and loss in rural Ireland. Set in an isolated valley where a young ambitious architect buys a ruined building to transform and renovate. She finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and the neighbour...
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Quo Vadis, Baby     (15)
Italian film about a female private detective who decides to investigate her sister’s apparent suicide 16 years earlier. Directed by Gabriele Salvatores (I’m not Scared) and starring singer Angela Baraldi, whose been given her own TV serial adaptation on the back of this....
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Red Road     (18)
A complex Scottish thriller which won the Cannes jury prize… capturing the dead end hopelessness of Glasgow's boozers and tower blocks. Centering on a CCTV camera operator watching multi-screen footage of life around the tower blocks of Glasgow's Red Road estate. Suddenly she sees someone she knows,...
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Seriously Twisted     (15)
Host of the reality network program “Caught in the Act, Mike Mason and his ex-actress wife Liz seemingly have it all. Not only a glamorous New York life style and a beautiful home in the Berkshires, but Mike is up for a Daytime Emmy. However, all is not as it seems. Their marriage is falling apart...
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Shock     (PG)
Dr. Cross (Vincent Price), a psychiatrist, is treating a young woman, Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw), who is in a coma-state, brought on when she heard loud arguing, went to her window and saw a man strike his wife with a candlestick and kill her. As she comes out of her shock, she recognizes Dr. Cross...
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Straightheads     (18)
Absolutely top notch British thriller… an older woman invites a young guy she’s just met to a lavish party in the country, and he just knows it’s going to be worth it! Following the usual frollicks, the pair speed away from the party but are involved in a fateful collision that leads to a brutal att...
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Suddenly     (PG)
A tense, somewhat prescient drama in which Sinatra plays a psychopathic triggerman hired to kill the United States President. On the way he and his two partners take over a widow's house, which is perfectly situated for an ambush. After Kennedy's assassination, the film was shelved and Sinatra tried...
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